About The Company

In short and simpler interpretation, Sonam refers to Merits or luck, Norling means precious garden/land with wealth of happiness, Gaden connotes existence of Happiness. Fundamentally being born as human beings in itself is precious and lucky with more happiness than other sentient beings both in relative and ultimate views. In general travelling to Bhutan, the Land of High Hidden Himalayan country is lucky and precious opportunity. It is primarily unparallel opportunity to choose and travel to Bhutan through this agent because the agent has diversities of offers at your disposal which is touristic oriented both in modern, traditional and cultural capacities. This agent is ushered by Mr. Puran Gurung and the agent has professional and touristic committed members within Bhutan and beyond Bhutan namely in Australia, Singapore USA, Canada and New Zealand. Mr. Puran Gurung has a profile of working as teacher in school Education and shouldered portfolio of varied responsibilities which were executed smartly and efficiently. His inclination is in eco-tourism by nature through birth chemistry. Thus, Puran Gurung intends to promote and propel Eco-tourism in modest manners.

We believe in warm hearty service and treat you as one family, not a guest. We ensure all our guests get happiness and lots of exciting memories traveling with us. Our team has the genuine gift of friendly and honest service.

Why SNG Tours & Treks?

The very motivated motto of setting up of this Tour Agent is nothing new but in efficient and satisfactory manners to serve the incoming guests based on the best of ability and possibility. The agent guarantees that the aftermath of your visit will not be an issue of repentance if not you become a satisfied visitor for the least. It is so because the giving birth to this agent is not underpinned by profit motives but primordially customer oriented force. Treatment of all tourists indiscriminately is norm for all agents but beyond this, the agent called Sonam Norling Gaden will cater to special and urgent needs, emergency happenings (disasters) and physically disabled guests with extra attention, dignified dignity and respectful care. During an hour of joy and festive tours of yours, the office will provide prompt, responsive and responsible servitude help and support to you, the clients. Nevertheless, mishaps and event of hard times is subject to all human beings. Should any of this disaster and hazard confront the clients, it would be the agent’s pilot priority to react to because safety and security is firm’s top priority, so as yours. For instance, helicopter service would be avail despite its cost being expensive in Bhutan.

Our Services

The agent deals you not as tourists but as guests with full translation of your money values into your own entertainments and services. Your tour is of Bhutanly tour and the logo does speak and represents much and many meanings about Bhutan in general and the agent in particular. In logo, Upright Mountain symbolizes Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan, which is the only country of GNH and Shangri-La in the world. A lone man is representation of our valued guest, you the tourist travelling to Bhutan. The tri-flags of religious prayer is meaning of honesty, sincerity and dedication offered in terms of food and lodging, safety transport and certainty of achieving the day’s programme scheduled in itinerary. All these facilities are assured by the tour guide who is deputed with guest and the guide is direct representative of SNG Tours and Treks.

Five different spectrums of colours in three flags consequently are symbolizing the five elements of universe such as Blue symbolizes Space, White is for Air, Red is colour of Fire, Green is water and yellow symbolizes the land. This is to state that Bhutan has all its natural elements in its utmost condition which is pure, clean, modest, rich and undisturbed respectively, The moment one lands down in the airport, one is greeted and welcomed by such elements of refreshing nature. These are natural recreational facilities offered to the guests. SNG also endeavoring to promote, if not to preserve it in modest ways.

Your One-Stop Bhutan Travel Service

We support everyone from single travellers to large group tours on private, business, VIP, pilgrimage, and school trips to Bhutan. Get a free consultation from an experienced Travel Bhutan specialist about your dream trip to Bhutan. Drop us a message via our contact form, send us an email or just give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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